The Volkswagen Sustainability Report 2013 microsite provides access to all links at There, under the relevant number, you will find supplementary information to the contents of this report. You will also find an overview of the brands and their sustainability reports and information.

Topic   Number   Content  
1 Online Annual Report
Group development 2013 2 ­Volkswagen SRI presentation
3 ­Volkswagen online brand portal
Brands and companies 4 Associated companies
Reporting in line with GRI 5 Supplementary GRI indicators
6 Group values
7 Model of Sustainable Development
Principles 8 Code of Conduct
Risk management 9 Risks in the management report
10 ­Volkswagen in the Transparency Register
11 Positions in dialogue with politics
12 Group memberships
13 Stakeholder panel and report evaluation
Stakeholder management 14 Stakeholder dialogue
Reporting 15 Materiality analysis
­Volkswagen Group requirements regarding sustainability
in its relationships with business partners
17 The Modular Transverse Matrix
Principles 18 “Go West” strategy
19 Vehicle safety
20 Driver assistance systems
Product responsibility 21 Road safety at ŠKODA
Supply chain 22 “Sustainability in Supplier Relations” brochure
Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain
Compliance 24 Litigation (Annual Report)
25 Social Charter
26 Charter on Labour Relations
27 Charter on Temporary Work
Principles 28 Occupational Safety Policy
29 International rankings
30 Types of apprenticeship
Top employer 31 AutoUni
Participation 32 Findings of “Stimmungsbarometer” employee opinion survey
Health 33 Occupational health courses
Diversity 34 Woman Driv ING Award
35 Mobile doctor’s surgery
36 Neue Schule Wolfsburg project
37 “Responsibility knows no boundaries” brochure
Social Responsibility 38 CSR worldwide
39 Group Environmental Policy
40 Group Environmental Principles Production
41 Group Environmental Principles Product
42 Mission Statement on Biodiversity
43 Environmental Goals of Technical Development
44 MAN’s Climate Strategy
Principles 45 Overview of environmentally certified sites
Fuel and Powertrain Strategy 46 CO2 reduction in road traffic
47 Group e-mobility portal
48 “­Volkswagen and Electric Mobility” brochure
Electric mobility 49 “The e-Mission” brochure
“Think Blue.” 50 One Young World Cooperation
51 Tree planting campaign
52 “The Life Cycle of a Car” brochure
Product development 53 Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Commendations
54 “Think Blue. Factory.” brochure
55 “Resource Efficiency” brochure
56 Green IT
57 Recycling
58 Secondary materials
59 Renewable raw materials
Production 60 Engagement for biodiversity
61 Scope 3 inventory in line with GHG
62 Quicar website
63 Greenwheels website
64 “Urban Mobility” research film
65 MAN study “What Cities Want”
66 Audi Urban Future Initiative
Vehicle use phase 67 “Be aware and safe fuel” brochure