AUDI: Cars Made with Success and Passion

Audi has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1965 and operates eleven production sites in nine countries. Audi brand cars are produced at the Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt sites in Germany, in Brussels, Belgium and in Győr, Hungary. Of the more than 71,000 Audi Group employees in 2013, around 51,500 were employed at Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, and Germany remains the most important production location for the brand. In 2013 Audi increased deliveries by 8.3 % to a record level of 1,575,480 vehicles (1,455,123 in 2012). 46 % of these – or 732,300 cars – were sold in Europe, including 250,025 in the home market Germany. China was the Audi brand’s biggest market for the third time in a row, recording a total of 491,989 cars sold, while the USA was the third-largest with 158,061 vehicles sold. All of which drove revenue up by 2.3 % in 2013, to EUR 49.9 billion.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” also Applies to Sustainable Operations

Qualitative growth is a priority strategic corporate goal at Audi. In 2011, the field of action “We live responsibility” was anchored in the 2020 corporate strategy as one of four pillars and implemented in practice with the aid of five core themes: Operations, Product, Environment, Employees and Society. Over 15 years ago, Audi became the first premium brand to introduce an environmental management system in line with EMAS. In early 2013, the subject of “Sustainability of products and processes” was established as a requirement for Audi’s strategic goals with a focus on avoiding or reducing CO2 emissions. For Audi, comprehensive CO2-neutral mobility – in the sense of a cradle-to-cradle model – is a vision pursued step by step: in procurement, in production, in the use phase and when it comes to vehicle disposal. In addition, Audi is involved in generating alternative CO2-neutral fuels that are not based on biomass.

Transparency in Corporate Responsibility

By publishing its Corporate Responsibility Report 2012, for the first time Audi presented its work in detail to external and internal stakeholders and to the interested public. In 2012, the Audi Group took part in the renowned oekom research rating in order to record an assessment of this work. The Company was awarded the distinction of “Corporate Responsibility Prime Status” in recognition of its above-average contribution to social and environmental compatibility. The information gleaned from the sustainability rating is channeled into guidelines and activities aimed at strengthening Audi’s corporate responsibility.