Scania: Enduring Values for Customers, Employees and Society

Scania, which became a Volkswagen Group brand in 2008, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applica-tions, and of industrial and marine engines. Service-related products account for a growing proportion of the company’s operations, assuring Scania cus-tomers of cost-effective transport solutions and maximum uptime. Scania also offers financial services. Employing some 41,000 people, the company oper-ates in about 100 countries. Research and development activities are concen-trated in Sweden, while production takes place in Europe and South America. In 2013, net sales revenue totaled €10.4 billion.

Focus on Human Factors

Scania develops its products and services with a clear focus on the driver, since in Scania’s view it is the driver who has the biggest influence on fuel efficiency, environmental performance and safety. Scania places great emphasis on capturing the knowledge, experience and ambition of each individual to continuously improve its working methods. Drawing on the inspiration and new ideas that arise in day-to-day work results in higher quality and efficiency, as well as greater job satisfaction.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

Realizing the company’s 2020 ambition of halving the climate impact of transported goods compared with 2000, calls for a combination of cutting-edge technology, good maintenance, better driving skills, smart logistics and renewable fuels. Scania will work with other parties to make this happen and continue to be transparent about the progress being made.